You. You. You. OK, maybe not you. But definitely you. We "all" do it at one time or another. Some partake regularly.

As people continue to adopt smartphones or maximize the utility of the ones they already own, thousands join the ranks of those of who text, Tweet, Instagram and, to the current point, urban navigate while driving.

Not only are these activities illegal while driving in some places, they're dangerous everywhere. You might as well (and, of course, I am not advocating this) drink a six-pack before you leave for work in the morning if you're going to interact with a smartphone as you drive.

Much of technology's future relies on putting flawed humans into high-risk, life-threatening situations. And, while you have new laws hitting the books and PR campaigns hitting the streets, it really doesn't feel like anybody is doing anything meaningful about what really is an issue of epic proportion.

We're being given these devices that we absolutely have to touch and turn our attention to. Practically all corners of society encourage us to use smartphones to enhance the quality and efficiency of every aspect of our lives. Yet, at the same time, we're told -- and rightfully so -- that we should never use these things while driving.

The contradiction transcends the heights of absurdity.

Consider Waze. I used it on the way home Tuesday. Great app, however it almost got me into a minor accident or two. I was going slow, but, with some speed, minor could have morphed into potentially fatal.

You need to tap Waze up to launch. And, when you're driving, it offers you about 6 million different ways to interact. From altering your route to reporting traffic to seeing if other "Wazers" are nearby and more.

Waze actually encourages users to "Drive Social." How shockingly irresponsible is that?

There is no way to use Waze, just as an example, without being manually, visually and/or cognitively distracted. Absolutely no way.

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