Return Path Partners With Symantec To Fight Phishing

Return Path, the global leader in email intelligence, today announced that it significantly strengthened its best-in-class anti-phishing solution through an agreement with Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC), the global leader in providing security; storage and systems management solutions. Under the terms of the agreement Return Path will include Symantec’s Trusted Domain List data feed in the authentication and filtering logic that powers Return Path’s anti-phishing used by email senders to identify and prevent phishing attacks against their brands.

Symantec is the industry’s largest issuer of active SSL Certificates, on which the company’s Trusted Domain List data feed is based. By incorporating trusted domains with active certificates in its analysis of email traffic, Return Path can reduce the time and effort required to isolate sources of fraudulent email. This makes it easier for legitimate senders to see and stop phishing attempts in messages that appear to come from their domains.

“Symantec is an ideal partner in our fight to end email abuse and preserve trust in the channel,” said Ken Takahashi, general manager, anti-phishing solutions at Return Path. “Their success in combating online fraud strongly complements our email- and domain-based solution. Together we are making real progress toward protecting brands, ISPs, and their customers.

After implementing Symantec’s Trusted Domain List, Return Path was able to significantly reduce its phishing false positive rate, which allowed for faster identification of fraudulent and malicious websites. For senders this enables faster reactions to phishing attacks, improving their ability to protect their customers and their brands.

These attacks can have a devastating effect on marketers targeted by phishing scams, extending beyond the email channel. Consumers who receive fraudulent messages often sever marketing relationships or defect altogether. A Cloudmark survey found that 42% of those who received phishing messages said they were less likely to do business with the brand attributed to the attack.

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