E*TRADE Introduces OneStop Rollover, A Faster, Easier Way To Rollover An Old 401(k) Into A Professionally Managed Account

E*TRADE today introduced OneStop Rollover, an online program that makes it faster and easier for individual investors to invest their 401(k) savings from a previous employer into a professionally-managed portfolio. In addition to simplifying the rollover process, E*TRADE is addressing the growing interest of investors to have a professional review their investment allocations and manage their portfolios day-to-day.

A recent E*TRADE study found that 37 percent of adults in the U.S. would like to work with a professional to help manage their retirement accounts but don’t think they have enough savings and investments to do so. In addition, results showed that 56 percent of U.S. adults think that managing an IRA requires more financial know-how than they have right now. E*TRADE’s OneStop Rollover, with only a $25,000 minimum, is a great solution for investors who would like professional guidance in planning for their future retirement.

By answering a few simple questions in E*TRADE’s online IRA application, investors will receive a recommendation for a diversified portfolio, comprised of ETFs or mutual funds, tailored to suit their retirement goals and risk tolerance. When the rollover deposit arrives, it is automatically invested in the portfolio that the investor reviewed and approved. The investor also benefits from on-going automatic rebalancing of their assets by a team of professionals who consistently monitor account performance, eliminating the time, burden and potential stress associated with the day-to-day management of retirement investments.

“Many investors realize that leaving a 401(k) at a former employer may not be in their best interests, however they are often reluctant to start the rollover process because they are unaware of their choices or overwhelmed by the steps involved,” explained Lena Haas, SVP, Investing and Retirement at E*TRADE. “With the OneStop Rollover, E*TRADE now offers a faster, easier way to invest retirement savings.” In addition, E*TRADE provides access to dedicated Rollover Specialists to further simplify the process of transferring 401(k) assets from a previous employer.

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