When Seizing The Day Backfires

A little over a month ago, I experienced one of those moments in life where everything was as it should be. You know those moments-when work, love, friendships, etc., are all operating smoothly, in a brief but perfect alignment that allows you the rare luxury of total peace. In that moment, I was able to breathe, smile and remember that life is happening, and life is good.

And then the car troubles came.

These car troubles were entirely self-induced. My boyfriend and I both had cars that were completely paid off and ran well. What more could you ask for?

Then one morning, he told me he'd found a '69 BMW for a really good price. He's always wanted to buy an old BMW and fix it up. Cars are merely a mode of transportation to me, but I can still appreciate the passions of others. So I humored him, and he explained: “ I could trade my car in and buy this car. It needs some work, but it runs, and I could put some money into it every month or so.”

My boyfriend is a low-key guy; I'm not. He's content at home with a good movie; I'm always working on some pet project. As a passionate person, I try to encourage him to engage his passions, too. So when he asked for my advice, I told him he should get the car. It would be good for him to have a hobby.

I was hesitant, sure. People usually try to avoid car problems, not embrace them. But maybe he could have some fun fixing it up, and in the meantime, at least the car was capable of starting up and getting him to work.

Long story short, it ended up being more of a problem than it was worth. He'd bitten off more than he could chew, and after driving the car a few times, I thought it was unsafe. Bottom line-he felt like he made a mistake, and he wanted to get rid of it. I felt like I'd made a mistake by encouraging him to do something financially irresponsible. Frustrated, we both just wanted it gone as soon as possible. So we unloaded it-for a $100 hit. He was then vehicle-less. In a rush to fill the void of his not having a car, we hastily used the money to look for a replacement, and, after a week or so, we found one.

It broke down as soon as we drove it home. We'd been had.