Executive Decision

In the "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer spoke with David Melcher, CEO of ITT Excelis ( XLS), a technology company that makes systems for NASA, the FAA, and night-vision goggles for U.S. troops.

Cramer said Excelis is an inexpensive stock at about $10 a share and there isn't much risk to owning it.

Melcher said since the company's spinoff last October, it has been more focused on investments and able to control its destiny in areas such as mergers and acquisitions. The company has become more focused on defense, aerospace and networking products, Melcher said, as opposed to worrying about other products before the split.

Cramer said Excelis products are not as dependent on the Cold War, but may be affected by cuts in U.S. military spending.

Melcher said the Defense Department doesn't know where the cuts will come any more than the industry can. He added that Excelis can do better than the overall market will do.

The company is looking at selling some of its presently military applications commercially. Melcher said, for instance, the company can sell night-vision goggles internationally but they are not the top grade used by our military.

Cramer said he's concerned the technology could fall into the wrong hands, but Melcher said the security of their networks, used in FAA and NASA, are a top priority.

Cramer said he loves high-yielding stocks but he often worries about them. Excelis is one he doesn't worry about.

All That Glitters

Investing in gold is risky, Cramer said, and it's not for sissies. But if you agree with him that gold is going to hit $2,000 an ounce, then Sandstorm Gold ( SAND) is too good to ignore.

Think of the small Canadian company as a bank for miners. The company lends money to gold miners in return for a percentage of the future gold production, Cramer said.

Sandstorm is a smaller version of Franklin Nevada ( FNV).

Cramer, who is always looking for a lower risk way to play gold with a lot of upscale says Sandstorm is compelling. Cash flow is expected to double in 2012, and grow 43% in 2013.

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