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LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 25, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CafePress Inc. (Nasdaq:PRSS), The World's Customization Engine TM, today launches an exciting new content sharing feature, Press It and PressBoards™.   The new sharing platform allows CafePress enthusiasts, including the CafePress member base of more than 17 million, to share a wide range of emotions about their favorite CafePress products. Users can share expressions in real-time across a global platform to create timely discussions around areas of interests and capitalize upon trending topics.

Built expressly to help foster ongoing social communication and sharing within the growing CafePress community, Press It provides users with additional ways to express their thoughts on CafePress products. Adding to the "like" button functionality everyone knows and loves, Press It allows users to tag items on CafePress using fun, engaging tags such as: "want," "heart," "OMG," "cute," and "LOL."

The "pressed" items are then aggregated onto PressBoards™ and shared on the presser's Facebook wall. Shoppers can easily browse pressed products through new PressBoards™, giving easy access to their own pressed products and the "Most Pressed" for each category across the CafePress website.

Users can tag any CafePress content, whether created by the "presser" or someone in the CafePress community. Site visitors will be able to navigate the PressBoards™ to show items that use a particular tag, e.g., "OMG," etc. to get an idea of what is trending across the community. The content can also be filtered along particular time periods for a close look at engagement ebbs and flows for a big-picture look on trending topics.

"It is now easier than ever for our customers and design community to connect through social discovery," says Bob Marino, CafePress CEO. "People are passionate about the products they make on CafePress, and our new social networking features allow them to share their passion with others."

To help inaugurate this fun new way to share, CafePress is launching a "Most Pressed" contest. By driving their customers to "want," "heart," "OMG," "cute" and "LOL" products, the CafePress designer with the "most pressed" design will have the opportunity to win our exclusive Marketing Prize Package which includes, a brand new iPad, product placement on the CafePress homepage, social media mentions in the CafePress community, in addition to a blog post and featured badge. Click here for contest details.

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