5 Metals Stocks to Trade for Gains This Fall

BALTIMORE ( Stockpickr) -- Gold. Silver. Steel. Copper. Rare earths. Whatever your favorite metal may be, chances are it's been on a tear lately. And this fall, metals aren't showing many signs of slowing down.

With the QE3 cash register churning to the tune of $40 billion a month, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that investors are starting to pay even more attention to commodities right now. But metals -- and the stocks that mine them, process them and sell them -- have been moving higher for most of 2012, scoring a slot as one of the top-gaining sectors this year.

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With so many metals stocks up so much, does it still make sense to be a buyer here? The short answer is yes.

The obvious element is QE3. With so much cash pouring into the money market, inflation is going to be a boon for commodity prices. But metals stocks also look strong now from a relative strength standpoint. And that could be just what it takes to drive home even bigger metals returns in the last quarter of the year.

That's why we're taking a technical look at five metals stocks you can trade for gains this fall.

For the unfamiliar, technical analysis is a way for investors to quantify qualitative factors, such as investor psychology, based on a stock's price action and trends. Once the domain of cloistered trading teams on Wall Street, technicals can help top traders make consistently profitable trades and can aid fundamental investors in better planning their stock execution.

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So without further ado, let's take a look at five metals stocks worth buying now.  

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