Yahoo!'s in a unique position in the Valley actually. In the next year, it could conceivably announce close partnerships with any of the following: Apple ( AAPL), Google, Facebook, Microsoft, AOL and Mozilla. Mayer might say that Tuesday, but that's as likely as specific as she'll get.

New Products: The IntoNow app which lets you interact with TV when you're watching it might get a lot of play on Tuesday as an example of how Mayer wants to turbo-charge new products that have a lot of potential. She wants others in the company to realize that their hard work on new products will see the light of day and get support from senior management.

Stock Buybacks: We know the board met last week and that they now have the Alibaba cash. There might be some details forthcoming in Tuesday's talk about just how that cash will get returned to shareholders. I would expect a lot of it to come in the form of shrinking the shares outstanding. They could do this through a tender offer or just through a series of open market purchases (which would probably take a couple of months to complete). The end of the tax year is coming so shareholders want to know what will happen.

Culture of Accountability: Finally, expect her to say that, while she believes in things like free food, phones and open Friday meetings, she expects a lot in return. This means accountability.

I doubt that there will be any mention of any potential job cuts on Tuesday, but that doesn't mean that they aren't being studied for down the road.

At the time of publication, the author was long Yahoo!

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