Other sales and revenues declined 1% compared with the prior year’s second quarter, as an increase in extended service plan (ESP) revenues was more than offset by a reduction in net third-party finance fees. Third-party subprime providers, who purchase subprime financings at a discount, originated 14% of used vehicle unit sales in the current quarter compared with 7% in the prior year quarter. ESP revenues climbed 18% largely due to the growth in our retail vehicle sales and an increase in ESP penetration.

Gross Profit . Total gross profit increased to $368.0 million from $354.3 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2012, as increased used vehicle gross profits more than offset modest reductions in wholesale, new and other gross profit. Used vehicle gross profit climbed 8% to $241.8 million driven by the 8% increase in used unit sales. Used gross profit per unit remained similar at $2,172 versus $2,178 in last year’s second quarter. Wholesale gross profit declined 5% to $75.1 million, reflecting the combination of the 2% decrease in wholesale unit sales and a 2% reduction in wholesale gross profit per unit to $907 from $929 in the prior year quarter. Other gross profit fell less than 1% to $49.5 million, similar to the change in other sales and revenues.

CarMax Auto Finance . CAF income increased 19% to $75.7 million compared with $63.8 million in last year’s second quarter. The improvement in CAF income was primarily due to the 14% increase in average managed receivables, which grew to $5.25 billion from $4.60 billion in last year’s second quarter. The increase in average managed receivables reflected the growth in CAF origination volume throughout fiscal 2012 and the first half of fiscal 2013 as we transitioned back to a pre-recession origination strategy, as well as higher average selling prices and retail unit sales growth over this period.

The allowance for loan losses increased modestly, to 0.9% of managed receivables as of August 31, 2012, compared with 0.8% as of August 31, 2011. Low unit charge-offs and strong recovery rates continued to largely offset the effect of the change in credit mix resulting from the transition in origination strategy.

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