Phorus, A Subsidiary Of DTS Inc., Announces Availability Of Play-Fi Enabled Speaker, Receiver And Android App (Graphic: Business Wire)

Phorus, a subsidiary of DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI), a leader in high-definition audio solutions, today announced the availability of the first Android-optimized whole home audio solutions connected by DTS Play-Fi wireless technology. Phorus developed the system from the ground up to deliver an outstanding music listening experience to Android users, right from their phones and tablets.

The Phorus system includes a simple, intuitive app, great sounding speakers and a receiver for users who want to connect an existing stereo. All three products utilize DTS’ advanced Play-Fi technology to stream and receive high-definition, lossless audio over Wi-Fi, a big leap in quality over Bluetooth audio options. Play-Fi enables synchronized streaming of music to multiple Play-Fi-enabled speakers at one time, or can stream separate music tracks from different devices to connected speakers in different rooms, delivering a true wireless multi-room listening experience in a simple plug-and-play package, an industry first for Android.

“Our vision for the Phorus Play-Fi connected system is to bring back the ‘big audio’ experience people used to enjoy at home and in the office, before music files got compressed, devices got smaller, and sound quality got compromised,” said Dannie Lau, founder of Phorus and GM of DTS’s new Phorus Subsidiary. “The mobile device has become a central control center for consumers, and the new Phorus speaker, receiver and Android app, connected by Play-Fi wireless technology, bring back premium audio quality and make it simple and affordable for consumers to enjoy their favorite music and other audio content throughout the home or office via a simple connection from their mobile phone or tablet.”

Placing the mobile devices at the center of the system, as the source and not just a remote control, the Play-Fi app is completely integrated into the Android ecosystem. Taking advantage of the device’s built-in Wi-Fi capabilities frees the system from the limitations of traditional docking stations. Once connected, the Play-Fi app allows users to stream music and other audio content to the Phorus speaker and receiver while still having full access to the entire operating system. The app automatically indexes your music library and offers integrated support for select streaming music services with crystal-clear high-definition sound. Consumers can set up and install their Phorus products right from within the app, making setup far easier than any other Wi-Fi enabled speakers on the market today.

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