Global Data Center Services Provider CyrusOne Improves Cooling Efficiency, Security, And Privacy For Customers

Global data center services provider, CyrusOne, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell (NYSE: CBB), announced today that it is offering new proprietary racks, cabinets, and cages for all its facilities nationwide. The new server containment units improve power consumption, security, and privacy for CyrusOne customers—leveraging a design-and-assembly approach never before seen in the enterprise colocation industry.

“CyrusOne went down the path of proprietary racks and cabinets to improve certain aspects the current marketplace tends to ignore. With feedback from our customers we set out to address issues from improved airflow, shipping costs, flexibility of use, and future use protection,” said Michael Duckett, chief operations officer, CyrusOne. “The OEMs are evolving the server technology on a continuous basis. This evolution will inevitably impact the width, depth and cooling characteristics of servers so we wanted a rack and cabinet that, while efficient, provided the ability to evolve in dimension to help future-proof the investment customers are making in the server containment cabinets.”

At the core of CyrusOne’s proprietary solution is a four-post rack. The rack can be used alone in a secure cage or private data hall environment, or side panels and lockable doors can be added to convert the rack to a secure stand alone cabinet. What this means for customers is that they can purchase servers that are wider, narrower, or deeper than they had before, and they can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively accommodate the change by reconfiguring the rack to accommodate the new equipment. Cabinet doors and side panels with the correct width or length are then added to achieve the new fit.

In addition to flexible configurations, CyrusOne’s proprietary racks and cabinets offer rack and cabinet airflow optimization that ensures the most efficient cooling within the CyrusOne data center. Equipment that has airflow runs cooler and consumes less power to support compute processing. Customers choosing only the four-post rack to house servers are achieving 100 percent airflow, as there is no restriction to, around, or behind equipment. For customers requiring extra security, the doors designed for the front and back of the equipment still deliver 80 percent airflow.

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