Global Geophysical Services, Inc. Reaches 100,000 Milestone In Manufacture Of Autoseis(R) HDR-1 Autonomous Nodal Recording Units

HOUSTON, Sept. 17, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Geophysical Services, Inc. (NYSE:GGS) today announced that it has completed the manufacturing of 100,000 Autoseis ® HDR-1 autonomous nodal recording units. Ralph Muse, President of Autoseis, Inc., commented, "This represents a major milestone not only from a manufacturing standpoint, but also in terms of the incredibly rapid adoption of this technology by our E & P clientele worldwide. Without exception the introduction of the Autoseis system to Global's crews has resulted in breakthrough performance, with projects repeatedly coming in under budget and ahead of schedule. It has also been thrilling to watch the development of the advanced applications enabled by this technology, such as Global's Ultra Reservoir Grade 3-D project in the Permian basin, which is recording over 4 million seismic traces per square mile! The ability of this technology, when coupled with advanced vibroseis techniques, to record massive amounts of data in record time is quite simply unprecedented within the geophysical industry."

Tom Fleure, Global's VP of Geophysical Technology, added, "The rapid adoption of Autoseis as our recording platform for both surface seismic and microseismic monitoring has had a profound impact on all of our seismic and microseismic operations. The simplicity and reliability of this system has resulted in significant performance gains in terms of crew productivity, but just as importantly the autonomous nodal concept has opened up survey design possibilities that are impractical with conventional cabled or radio telemetry systems. With a truly unlimited channel capacity, the survey design possibilities are truly limitless. This flexibility gives us the ability to lay out both 3D seismic and microseismic monitoring programs that would not even be considered using traditional cabled systems."

Chris Usher, Global's Chief Technology Officer, noted the impact of this technology on microseismic monitoring: "The unrivalled dynamic range of AutoSeis has allowed us to record more low-level acoustic emissions during passive monitoring and hydraulic fracturing monitoring than other systems, further differentiating our Tomographic Fracture Imaging offering. The simplicity and cost effectiveness of AutoSeis has also enabled Global Microseismic Services' record deployment of a 4400 channel passive recording antenna in difficult terrain in South America."

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