So this one seems like a no-brainer, but we're going to address larger markets. And what this really means internally, if you knew who Microsemi was, we're going to shift our focus internally. It's an organic effort where we shift those focus -- that focus on those targeted applications from boutique applications to address larger markets, but larger markets, larger pieces of the pie where differentiation still matters. And that's important. They also have to be growing end markets.

Now some of our buckets, our end markets that we play in, you might see single-digit CAGR from a macro standpoint. But what's important is the semiconductor growth within that space. And those, certainly in the areas where we play, we're seeing double-digit growth there.

A perfect example of targeting bigger pieces of the pie, Amir Asvadi is going to talk about our wireless LAN RFPA market. This was an area where we were traditionally known as a premium performance supplier. As a result, we typically focused on enterprise applications. As we made a transition, and we're still doing our gallium arsenide efforts, as we added silicon germanium technology to the fold, we found in our platform, we were able to increase digital content. A level of integration that's been -- hasn't been seen in the industry. And all of those give us a cost position to allow us to compete in a mobile wireless LAN market as well. So we're still offering a differentiated solution, much broader piece of the pie.

The other one that I'd point out is our PLD platforms. We took our gen 2 and our gen 3 PLD platforms, looked at the value proposition that customers appreciated and said, Hey, why don't we go ahead and open up this space a little bit. Let's put a little emphasis on density and speed. Coupled with the value propositions, that's given us the business where we have today, that opens up a $1.5 billion SAM in our industrial market. And actually, Esam is going to talk a little about our industrial efforts as well.

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