And I think as you walk through the presentations and you listen and you absorb what we're pitching, I think you'll find out exactly what The Street doesn't get. I'm an active CEO. I go around office-to-office, door-to-door, I pretty much stay attuned to what my team is doing. Watching the presentation, and I want to thank Litch and Rob Adams and the entire team for putting it together, I probably learned 20% or 30% more about the company I wasn't even aware of, as far as the strength of the technology and where it crosses over. So that's the self-serving Jim Peterson's point of view of 30% more. I'll tell you, Litch, yes, let's get it going.

Again, the questions, one well-thought-out question or 2 is great. If you want to just start doing check back questions, there's a time to do that.

Now let me touch the one thing, right, we spent, I don't know, I can't even count the hours, look at the size of the book. And 25 people come up to me and go, So you're raising guidance? Okay, so thanks for the big book together, and we all flew in. I would have put a press release out and you could have saved a lot of time. But I do want to remind people, my CFO will give an update on that. But before he does, why don't I?

The fact of the matter is we gave guidance 4 or 5 short weeks ago, and we came up with a nice, strong beating raise versus the industry. Since then, others have mid point going to the left because they didn't see the macro concerns, and others flat-out are missing. So at this time, 5 weeks later, I think we reaffirm guidance and remind you that it was beating raise guidance. So there you ago, there's your gift. Now let's get into the meat and potatoes of why you're here and what you want to tell the investors. Thank you.

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