What we're going to do to keep questions from piling up at that end is after each segment, we're going to try and allow a couple of minutes for a couple of questions. At that point, we'll move on, try to stay in schedule as much as we can. And after, there's going to be a luncheon where you could be more informal, where you can corner those people that you really need to talk to. And hopefully, we'll get you out about 1:00.

So with that, let me turn the podium over to Jim Peterson, our President and CEO, and we'll get going. Thanks.

James J. Peterson

Will you hit my first slide, Rob? Okay, I might take a moment to welcome everybody that are here in attendance and those that are on the webcast. And I'd like to thank Robin Lich [ph] for writing the pages and pages of my speech. So let me file that appropriately.

We're in an interesting time in our industry, but we're always in an interesting time in our industry. The message we want to get across today have 3 main points. One is our commitment to growth at Microsemi. I know a lot of companies out there that are trying to grow and some that are growing quite well. But I'm here to tell you that you will not only see our commitment to it, you're going to see the path and direction of the growth of Microsemi.

We're taking it from historically back to when we were kind of a military/discreet company. And when you look at the company today and you see the cross-selling across technology, what you're going to find is Microsemi is a leader, not only in private technology but in product and roadmap. And there's a tremendous unity, right, with the acquisition and consolidations of Microsemi. I think you'll be very well pleased.

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