Lattice Semiconductor's CEO Presents At Deutsche Bank's DbAccess 2012 Technology Conference (Transcript)

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (LSCC)

Deutsche Bank’s dbAccess 2012 Technology Conference

September 13, 2012 5:40 pm ET


Darin G. Billerbeck – President and Chief Executive Officer

Douglas Hunter – Chief of Staff and Vice President, Corporate Marketing


Unidentified Analyst

Good afternoon, everyone. Thanks for joining us for the late afternoon session of our third day of tech conference. We’re really pleased to have Lattice Semiconductor. With us today, we have Darin Billerbeck, President and CEO; as well as Doug Hunter, Chief of Staff and VP of Corporate Marketing with us. Then we’ll go and let them kick it off with a brief overview of the company and we’ll watch in the Q&A. Darin?

Darin G. Billerbeck

Okay, thank you, and thanks, everybody. I know that for many people are catching flight and this is the last show if you will of Deutsche Bank. So as we go through this, I mean this is one of the things we’ll try to go fast and then just open it up for questions as best we can. As you know, there is always a Safe Harbor in all of these presentations. So I’m going to give you everything that we know to the best of our knowledge, trying to give you any forward-looking statements.

Bottom line is about semiconductors. We’ve made a lot of distinctions between our self as of late as we don’t want to be compared to Xilinx and Altera, and to give you guys really kind of a balance between those companies. They spend about $400 million, $500 million in R&D. We spend about $60 million, and so just putting those into relative terms, we’re off to a completely different space. For many, many years, everybody wants to compare us and contrast us per say, you really shouldn’t because we play in a space that we think is unique to our capabilities and something that we can deliver on.

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