And then here's the real punchline. You heard this commitment from me on our last call. You'll hear this repeatedly from me. From a profitless company to a profitable company next year. We're not issuing guidance. When we guide to 2013, we'll guide to 2013. But when I had my own decisions as to where I fit in this company at a visceral level, that's the commitment that I'm making personally. And we're going to drive to that. Every member of the leadership team understands that's the commitment that I've made. And as a result, they've made that commitment with me.

So the first thing that people look at Sonus to do is demonstrate traction in the SBC category. If you're saying you're making this pivot to SBC, how material is it?

Two aspects. One, we're outgrowing the marketplace on a product basis by about 3:1, okay? Two, it is shifted over 40% of our results. And next year, will become more than 50% of our results on a product basis. By next year, we will be an SBC-based company with a legacy business that we will cash cow.

The other question that we get all the time, and this goes back to -- with the perceptions that hang over Sonus. And what I'm asking you today here is, as you walk in here and your mind says, "I'm going to hear the Sonus story for the fifth time, or the 10th time, or the 100th time." What I'd like you to understand from my perspective is you're going to hear the Sonus story for the first time, okay?

I'd ask you only to open your mind and to hear what we're saying. We bought NET for speed and breadth. You're going to hear from Tony. We had several things on our plate. Move beyond trunking by basically streamlining that, broaden the SBC portfolio and drive software development to go after major markets.

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