Now in order to understand where we are and where we're going, you got to know where we've been. This has been a 2-year journey for me, 18 months for Todd. And very -- as I introduce the speakers, I'll let you know how long they've been here. We said at the beginning that this was a multi-year journey. It remains so. After 2 years, we've made a number of major, major rewiring to Sonus.

First, we are moving from a media gated company to an SBC company. So that's obvious. That's the headline question and the headline answer in almost everything that people ask us.

But underneath that, there's a number of important transformations that are going on. We've moved from a highly customized complex solution, which was woven into the culture of how we went to market with gateways into a streamlined, whole product, transactional emphasis, and that is the key enabler in our technology side and our product side to move to go-to-market strategy, from service provider centric to service provider and enterprise centric. UC will be delivered to the enterprise through the service provider, okay? It will also help us move from direct-only, which is 98% of our results before I joined Sonus and remains a very high level of our results, to a complex go-to-market strategy that is both direct and channel centric. And a lot of these strategies have been driven by Todd. You saw the announcement today that he's moving to an Executive Vice President. And I'm thrilled that Todd is doing that, taking not only the sales and marketing relationship through that [ph] organizations, but the strategy functions so that we can unify strategy to go to market. And Tony will deliver the production engine, okay?

We've moved from voice-based company to a complex voice data, text, chat, video, UC-based company. The solution is moving beyond voice. And we're moving with that market. And SIP, by the way, is the enabler for that to move. So if you've got in your head, that's been said 100 times, why would it happen now? The answer is the SIP adoption is the catalyst, and a lot of that is going to be driven in Todd's piece. From fixed network solutions, which was the majority of our initial deployments to mobile core and ultimately closer to mobile edge over time as we follow the spend in the marketplace,okay?

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