The market is looking it up to see, can we make this pivot. I'm here to share with you our story. I believe we are making that pivot. And I've asked 4 members of our leadership team to share their part in that story underneath the umbrella that I'm going to kick off with you.

My messages are as follows: We are making great progress shifting to an SBC company, which is our growth engine. Our investment thesis is the shift to SBC, the growth at or above those markets as that SBC category continues to grow 20% a year, meaning it's a $1-billion category in 2015 and continues to grow from there. That we're investing in the right technologies. In fact, the big strategy on top of the SBC is cloud-based UC. You're going to hear a lot about that today. Cloud-based unified communications. It is the big market opportunity, that being a substantial player in the SBC market enables us to pivot to, okay? That we're investing in the technologies that matter there, in UC. And I'd say that VoLTE, even VoLTE, it's voice over LTE, it's really UC over LTE. LTE is simply another media fabric that happens to be a wireless link that when rendered reliably will allow UC to port through. It just like it does in the enterprise over ethernet or any other media player, okay?

We're going to explain here the NET deal. And I want to be clear. A lot of the feedback I got is, and this is the tired story that's out there, okay? NET is about execution risk. I want to clearly address that in the next few slides, okay? And I want to help you draw the conclusion that this is our year. That bell is the wake-up call to the emergence of Sonus as the market leader through our SBC growth into the UC category.

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