So if I get into some of the products that we offer for these market segments you can see the Diamond, the X-Series and the ASL, these are our current products that we sell to the marketplace and the recent introduction is the Diamondx and you can see where that is specifically targeted at that ASSP market. Like I said before it’s about a $400 million market size and so it’s a pretty substantial opportunity by introducing this new product.

And we are going to be offering this product to a lot of our existing customers, but we are also planning to capture some new share with new customers that we currently don’t do business with. A little bit of a history lesson also on this slide, before the merger with Credence four years ago, the X-Series came from LTX and the Diamond and ASL product lines came from the Credence acquisition that we did about four years ago.

And the Diamondx is really the first major product launch that really combines technologies from both companies into a single platform which we have called ironically enough Diamondx because it takes really the blending of the Diamond product line as well as some of the X-Series performance and instrumentation into a single Diamondx platform.

So jumping to our customer base, you can see it's pretty diverse, you can see a lot of name brand companies that we do business with. Texas Instruments has historically been a greater than 10% customer specially over the last I'd say 10 plus years, they've consistently been greater than 10%.

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