CUSTOMER SUCCESS: China E-Port Trades Up To BMC Software To Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs

China E-Port, an integrated information platform that facilitates trade and paperless customs clearance, improved efficiency and reduced costs in its data center with Business Service Management (BSM) solutions from BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC).

“With the deployment of BMC’s BSM solutions, we built a unified and much improved monitoring interface and event management interface, as well as automated process management and configuration management,” said Hongjian Tao, head of data center operation at China E-Port. “In the meantime, aligning with E-Port’s business application systems, we added the Business Impact View, which allows the display of all monitoring indicators, and dramatically improves the operation and management service level from IT service management to business service management.”

China E-Port links multiple government departments, transport companies and banks, as well as importers and exporters. It stores import and export information, capital flow information, and data relating to the flow of goods in and out of China. The service provides paperless customs declarations, facilities online payments, foreign exchange verification and export tax rebates.

The China E-Port data center was established in 2001 to handle computer systems development, operation and maintenance, and to provide customer service. By 2010, China E-Port had grown to the point where it was the information platform linking 12 ministries of the State Council, the Hong Kong trade department, Macao Economic Services Bureau, and other agencies, as well as 14 commercial banks.

The complex information system that underpins China E-Port grew organically, becoming increasingly comprehensive, but also increasingly complex to manage and maintain. The China E-Port data center has 80 online services serving more than 550,000 companies, 150,000 of which are daily system users. Each day the network handles 1.4 million e-documents and 5.6 million visits to its online portal.

Previously, the IT staff of China E-Port data center processed large numbers of monitoring messages with multiple tools. The monitoring and maintenance processes were largely manual, opening the door to errors and oversights.

China E-Port recognized the need for a service management solution that would enhance productivity by supporting quick and precise decision making, as well as providing IT updates that align with pre-defined key performance indicators.

The company explored a number of options and considered several BSM vendors. After a comprehensive evaluation, China E-Port decided to adopt BMC’s Business Service Management platform. BMC’s solution provided the ability to directly associate IT issues with business impact, allowing IT workflow priorities to be better aligned with business needs. Besides providing IT professionals with the insight they need, the BMC solution is credited with improving the user experience and enhancing service levels.

Using BMC, the China E-Port data center integrates system monitoring and the service help desk in a single platform, creating a central, standardized solution that is able to handle the daily operations and management of the IT systems. According to Hongjian Tao, the move to an automated monitoring and Business Service Management platform delivers “a fundamental change to China E-Port’s IT operations and management service.”

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