Our particular drug is the most potent of all those that are out there. And as a result of that it could be administered in a very small volume and we anticipate that will be less than 1 ml of fluid given once per month subcutaneously. It’s also quite stable which will allow us to ultimately have this available for self-administration. As far as I know it’s the only one that’s out there. And we have seen virtually no injection side reactions, which again, if you look at the label of the competitors, in no case are they devoid of injection side reactions. So that’s potentially another advantage.

So I think from it’s both physical and [chemical] characteristics and its potency and its ease of use, plus its mechanism, it’s clearly distinct from the other candidates or the drugs that are out there.

Yigal Nochomovitz - Morgan Stanley

You mentioned the lead indication and you are in non-infectious uveitis, you have also seen some solid data in related form of that disease called the Behçet's. Could you discuss a bit some of the data there and whether the mechanism that you have described for your gevokizumab is special for that disease or if other INLINE-1 antibodies could potentially show efficacy in that setting.

Paul Rubin

That’s a good question. First of all, uveitis is a syndrome, not unlike asthma, in which there are multiple (inaudible), Behçet's uveitis being one. So in fact Behçet's isn’t related, it is not infectious uveitis, it’s just one of the forms. In all cases, independent of the underlying [mediology], it presents clinically in the same way. So all cases they end of with inflammation of the uvea, which is kind of the middle lining around the eye. And as a result of that inflammation, they end up with the same clinical signs and symptoms. And in fact in the United States, the FDA doesn’t discern between Behçet's uveitis and other forms. It’s all non-infectious uveitis.

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