The Best Performing Asset Under Obama

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- As we look ahead to an election that is now less than two months away, we have to continue to play the portfolio "what-if" game. We have never been faced with two candidates that are so polar opposite in almost every way.

The direction that each will take this great land of ours is almost as distinct as north vs. south. The impact that each will have on our portfolios will be great.

I don't think that a Romney-Ryan ticket will be very favorable for green energy investing. I also think that they may have a negative impact on the health care stocks that been rocketing higher ever since the landmark Supreme Court decision.

I don't think that an Obama-Biden ticket will be very kind to the coal stocks, or the energy service stocks, or the defense stocks.

I would expect some new leaders in the market to emerge immediately after election-day if Romney wins. I would expect many of the same stocks that have led the way during the Obama years to continue to lead if he is re-elected.

Under President Obama, the health care sector has delivered some outsized returns. The sluggish economy has been good to deep discounters like Dollar Tree ( DLTR), Ross Store ( ROST), and TJ Maxx ( TJX), to just name a few.

Folks clinging to their guns and religion have been good to the gun stocks like Sturm Ruger ( RGR), Cabelas ( CAB), and Smith & Wesson ( SWHC). A Romney presidency, on the other hand would probably boost the defense stocks.

The number one performing asset under President Obama has been something that we come in contact with every day, however. In the beginning it may surprise you, but when you find out what it is, I think that you will say, "now why didn't I think of that?"

When President Obama took the oath of office back in January of 2009, United States Gas ( UGA), an exchange traded fund seeking performance corresponding to the price of gasoline, was trading at $19.46.

Today, almost four years later, that same exchange traded fund is trading at $61.79. It is up over 217% since the POTUS has been in charge.

By contrast, the S&P 500 is up 58%, gold is up 129%, and Silver is up 115%. Gasoline has been by far the best performing asset during the Obama years. I don't know whether to laugh or cry? Nobody should really be surprised by this fact.

Instead of focusing on domestic oil production, our energy department under Secretary Chu has focused on renewable energy sources like solar and wind instead. General Motors ( GM) has focused on an electric car that has a range of just over 30 miles. Who has an extension cord that long? Oh, by the way, GM is losing almost $50,000 on every Chevy Volt that rolls of the assembly line.

You would have more than tripled your money by investing in gasoline when Barack Obama took office. Why would we expect gasoline to not continue to be a great investment if Obama is re-elected? If you listened to his speech at the Democratic National Convention, President Obama promised to continue the same energy policies that have been in place since he took office.

I developed an app that helps me manage accounts for folks all across America. Every day I rank almost 3,000 different stocks, mutual funds, sectors, asset classes, exchange traded funds, etc. I rank them on short-term performance, intermediate-term performance, long-term performance, safety and value.

The market is cyclical, different asset classes flow in and out of favor depending on data like the economy, interest rates, the U.S. dollar, inflation, etc. Gasoline has been "in favor" for the last four years.

Let's take a look at the performance of this gasoline tracking exchange traded fund:

Data from Best Stocks Now App

As you can see, an investment in gasoline has averaged 23.8% over the last three years. During that same period of time, the S&P 500 has averaged 11.2%. Gasoline has delivered average annual returns that are twice that of the stock market.

Check out the performance of gasoline over the last three months! Are investors expecting an Obama win in November? Pardon the pun, but gasoline is on fire!

Believe it or not, Ripley, gasoline currently gets an overall rank 112 out of the 2,988 different investment opportunities that I follow.

In my database, gasoline is competing against Apple ( AAPL), Pharmacyclics ( PCYC), Ross Stores ( ROST), Alexion Pharmaceuticals ( ALXN) and other big winners that I own in the portfolios that I manage.

Coming in at number No. 112 is a remarkable fact!

Data from Best Stocks Now App

Look at the tweets @billgunderson below that I have been sending out recently on gasoline (UGA):

Data from Best Stocks Now App

UGA is hitting a new all-time high today. I see no reason why gasoline will not continue to hit new highs under a second Obama term.

Invest in gasoline and next time you are filling up your F-350 ford truck, you can cry a little and maybe even start to laugh a little!

This article is commentary by an independent contributor, separate from TheStreet's regular news coverage.

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