It's Important To Keep Your Tools In Order With Simple Maintenance Prior To Storing Them For The Winter. (Photo: Business Wire)

When most people think of fall, they think of the crispness in the air, shorter days and all of those leaves. To lighten the load on landscaping projects and help ready any home with seasonal updates, Lowe’s recommends five easy ways to welcome fall with style. You can plan now and enjoy the autumn season when it arrives.
It's important to keep your tools in order with simple maintenance prior to storing them for the win ...

It's important to keep your tools in order with simple maintenance prior to storing them for the winter. (Photo: Business Wire)

Fall Landscape 101

Make the most of the cooler temperatures and make your neighbors green with envy. Add some new color to your garden by removing leftover summer annuals and replacing them with traditional fall plants such as chrysanthemums, pansies, ornamental cabbage and kale. If you’ve grown your own garden, autumn temperatures are ideal for planting broccoli, turnips, beets, carrots and other vegetables.

Ready the Lawn for Spring 2013

Aerating, seeding and fertilizing your yard this fall will help create a healthy lawn in the spring. Aeration allows for greater movement of water, fertilizer and air, stimulating a healthy lawn. Next, clean up leaves, sticks and rocks that can harbor diseases over the winter.

Time to Store

This is one project that can be easy to forget, but it’s important to keep your tools and home in working order with simple maintenance. Start with a tuneup on your lawn mower’s blade, engine and cables to keep them from corroding while in storage. Disconnect all garden hoses from outside faucets and drain the water; coil and store them where they won’t freeze. For sprinkler systems, hire a professional to blow out residual water before the ground freezes.

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