Verso Introduces Aspect™ SCK Release Papers, Adding To Its Line Of Aspect™ Cut & Stack And Pressure Sensitive Face Sheets

Verso Paper Corp. (NYSE:VRS) introduces Aspect™ SCK Release Papers, an exciting addition to its Aspect™ line of label and release papers. Now comprised of cut and stack labels, pressure sensitive face sheets and SCK release liners, Verso’s Aspect™ Label and Release Papers deliver the aesthetics, strength and performance required for quality and efficient label production.

“Our premium SCK Release Liner is a high performing, extremely efficient and cost effective liner, allowing lower silicone coat weight and reduced adhesive usage due to better, more consistent profiles,” says Mike Weinhold, Verso’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development. “With a perfect balance between desired optical properties, performance requirements and cost effectiveness, our Aspect™ SCK Release Liner is sure to become the industry standard.”

Aspect™ SCK Release Liner has high strength, superb apparent density, low dirt count and opacity, exceptional die-cutting performance, excellent cure and holdout and smooth surface characteristics.

Verso’s Aspect™ Label and Release Papers product line will be produced on the No. 4 paper machine at Verso’s mill in Androscoggin, Maine. “Androscoggin’s No. 4 paper machine is a well-positioned asset, with relative machine scale and an integrated pulp supply,” Weinhold explains. “Androscoggin, like all of our mills, has a strong manufacturing focus on producing consistent, quality products, and our Aspect™ line of label and release papers is no exception. We understand our customers want a product and a supplier they can rely on, and Verso delivers on both of those needs,” he says.

For more information on our Aspect™ Label and Release Papers product line or other Verso products, please contact Verso at 1-800-258-8852.

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