Bulls Buy Time for Hess to Rally

By Pete Najarian, co-founder of OptionMonster

NEW YORK -- Traders are looking for Hess ( HES) to rally, and they are giving it more time to run.

OptionMonster's tracking systems detected the purchase of 7,300 October 57.50 calls for 87 cents against open interest of just 539 contracts. At the same second, 5,600 September 52.50 calls were sold for $2.01 with open interest over 19,000, so it seems that the trader was rolling a bullish position to a higher strike one month forward.

Because these calls lock in the purchase price of the stock, they can generate some nice leverage if Hess moves in the right direction. The drawback is that their premiums can drop in a hurry before expiration, so those September contracts were in the danger zone with time running out on Friday of next week.

So the trader closed out them out Monday and rolled some of the money to the October strike, which is $5 higher. He or she got back most of the capital from the original trade and still stands to make some money if the shares move higher.

Hess rose 0.43% to $53.13 Monday. The company, which operates in exploration and production, has been rising along with other energy names.

More than 49,000 options traded in total. Calls outnumbered puts by 41,000 to 8,200, a reflection of the session's bullish sentiment.

Najarian has no positions in HES.
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