Farm & food products traffic decreased 3,318 carloads primarily due to reduced shipments in GWI’s Australia and Illinois Regions. The shipment decline in the Australia Region was primarily due to an accelerated shipping schedule earlier in 2012, as well as a mechanical failure at an export grain terminal in Adelaide, South Australia. The repair schedule for the export grain terminal has not yet been finalized. As a result of reduced traffic through the Adelaide grain terminal, GWI currently expects its farm & food products traffic to be lower than its initial expectations by approximately 4,000 carloads in the third quarter of 2012, with any adverse impact on the fourth quarter of 2012 dependent on the duration of the terminal outage. Meanwhile, the farm & food products shipment decline in the Illinois Region was primarily due to elevated traffic in 2011 associated with carloads diverted around flooding in the Midwest.

GWI’s other commodity group traffic decreased 2,528 carloads in August 2012 primarily due to no overhead coal shipments in GWI’s Ohio Region. Minerals & stone traffic decreased 2,219 carloads primarily due to reduced rock salt shipments in GWI’s New York/Pennsylvania Region as a result of warm winter weather. All remaining traffic increased by a net 436 carloads. Please note that the Edith River Bridge in the Northern Territory of Australia was closed for one week in August 2012 for planned repairs, which reduced metallic ores shipments in the month. Service to Darwin resumed as scheduled following completion of the planned repairs.

The table below sets forth consolidated carloading information for the third quarter of 2012 through August and the third quarter of 2011 through August. Additional carload information for GWI’s North American and Australian operations is included as an exhibit to this press release.
Genesee & Wyoming Inc.                        
by Commodity Group QTD Aug QTD Aug
2012 2011 % Change
Coal & Coke 34,895 34,732 0.5%
Minerals & Stone 21,786 25,783 -15.5%
Pulp & Paper 18,719 16,869 11.0%
Farm & Food Products 16,447 21,743 -24.4%
Metals 14,477 15,028 -3.7%
Lumber & Forest Products 12,442 11,133 11.8%
Intermodal* 11,567 10,452 10.7%
Chemicals & Plastics 11,492 10,211 12.5%
Metallic Ores** 7,742 5,795 33.6%
Petroleum Products 5,285 5,082 4.0%
Autos & Auto Parts 1,670 1,690 -1.2%
Other 7,022 14,064 -50.1%
Total carloads 163,544 172,582 -5.2%
* - Represents intermodal units
** - Includes carloads and intermodal units

Excluding 5,825 carloads from GWI railroads acquired within the last 12 months, same-railroad traffic in the third quarter of 2012 through August decreased 14,863 carloads, or 8.6 percent, compared with the third quarter of 2011 through August. The traffic decrease was principally due to decreases of 7,096 carloads of other commodity group traffic (primarily overhead coal in GWI’s Ohio Region), 5,441 carloads of farm & food products traffic (primarily grain in GWI’s Australia Region), and 4,543 carloads of minerals & stone traffic (primarily salt in GWI’s New York/Pennsylvania Region). All remaining traffic increased by a net 2,217 carloads.

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