AMAG Pharmaceuticals' CEO Presents At Morgan Stanley Healthcare Conference (Transcript)

AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMAG)

Morgan Stanley Healthcare Conference

September 10, 2012 11:45 am ET


Bill Heiden - President and CEO

Frank Thomas - Chief Operating Officer


David Friedman - Morgan Stanley


David Friedman - Morgan Stanley

Thanks very much everyone for coming. I think, we'll get started David Friedman, Biotech Analyst. Just before we start, in terms of the disclosures, I think, everyone has been saying the same thing, personal and Morgan Stanley Holdings disclosures are available, so anyway, more saving things.

We have gentlemen from AMAG Pharmaceuticals. On far side, Frank Thomas, Chief Operating Officer. In the near side, Bill Heiden, President and CEO, and we'd love this to be as interactive as possible, so anyone feel free to ask any questions at point, just raise your hand and we'll make sure we try and calling you or not just make some noise and we'll definitely find you, so thanks again for joining us.

Maybe if we can just start for those who aren't familiar or not up-to-date, if you can just give a couple-minute overview of the company, your guys' focus and where you see things headed?

Bill Heiden

Great, so I should also say that in terms of disclaimers we will be making forward-looking statements in our full disclaimers located on our website as well. I have joined AMAG about three months ago, and what I found is the company that has an asset that's best-in-class compound of product called Feraheme, which is for the treatment of IDA and chronic kidney disease, and we have the largest share of voice last couple of quarters. Very, very strong growth in terms of grams per quarter versus quarter a year ago or prior quarter, so we are seeing nice volume growth.

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