Barnes Distribution Responds To Increased Customer Demands With Significant Improvements In Catalog Product Offerings

Barnes Distribution, a business of Barnes Group Inc. (NYSE: B), and the leader in vendor-managed inventory for maintenance, repair and operating parts and supplies, is pleased to report on the completion of its ambitious project to move 4,000 items from special order status to inline ordering. The project, started just 12 months ago and based on customer demand, has resulted in the permanent addition of the 4,000 items to a product line with more than 55,000 sku items. Chris Paczak, Director of Product Management, Barnes Distribution, explains, “These most popular special order items can now be shipped with the rest of a customer order – shortening the time needed for satisfying our customer and further improving efficiency.”

The main goal of the project was to more easily fulfill Barnes Distribution’s customer expectations and offer an even more robust product line. “Our customers expect Barnes Distribution to fulfill all of their small part needs, which reduces their downtime and increases productivity. We owe it to our customers to keep as many of the items they need regularly in stock,” added Paczak.

All Barnes Distribution North American distribution centers are now equipped to ship the former special order items directly to the customer. These former special order items will be featured in the 2012 Barnes Distribution Catalog, available September 1, 2012, and will be highlighted by a red-colored “NEW” icon. For more information about the catalog, or about Barnes Distribution, call 866.GET.MROP, or visit

About Barnes Distribution

Barnes Distribution is a business of Barnes Group Inc. and an industry leader in logistical support by providing inventory management, technical sales, and supply chain solutions for maintenance, repair, operating and production supplies. The Company offers more than 100,000 products to more than 45,000 customers throughout North America.

About Barnes Group

Founded in 1857, Barnes Group Inc. (NYSE:B) is an international aerospace and industrial manufacturing and service provider, serving a wide range of end markets and customers. The products and services provided by Barnes Group are used in far-reaching applications that provide transportation, communication, manufacturing and technology to the world. Barnes Group’s approximately 5,100 dedicated employees, at more than 50 locations worldwide, are committed to achieving consistent and sustainable profitable growth. For more information, visit

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