Deprive some strung-out heroin junkie of his "fix" and you guarantee a severe (if not fatal) withdrawal reaction. Deprive a global economy filled with debt-junkies of any more debt and you guarantee similar, severe "economic withdrawal" -- an immediate economic crash.

The Big Lie which the bankers tried to pass-off on us was that history's most insane gamblers and reckless lenders were (suddenly) "afraid" to lend anyone money. However (as usual) the banksters' own actions proved they were lying.

Even after U.S. Big Banks had literally been guaranteed infinite, free funding (i.e. unlimited quantities of 0% loans); they still refused to do what they had promised and lend into the broader economy .

For any banker-apologists who would still dare to suggest that the Big Banks don't collude; the bankers have already proven you wrong. In confessing to market-rigging with respect to $500 trillion in Libor-based transactions; this is by definition a crime of collusion -- since the Libor rate itself is set collectively, by these same Big Banks.

In 2012, we see the bankers and the Corporate Media again colluding. However, while in 2008 this tag-team unfailingly acted to amplify panic; today our don't-worry-be-happy media optimists simply say to us again and again "problem solved."

By my unofficial count, the propaganda machine has announced a "solution" to the ( made-in-the-U.S.A. ) "euro debt crisis" on approximately a hundred separate occasions. That's a very impressive performance by Europe's bankers and Traitor Politicians -- given that this "crisis" is a mere three years old.

Today, we see these fearless leaders proclaim their 100th solution: nothing less than "unlimited bond-buying" and "a soup kitchen" for all of Europe's Big Banks. More specifically, this is precisely what European governments did during the worst of the crisis in the Crash of '08. The only thing missing between now and then is the general panic.

Lest we have any doubts that this new crisis mirrors the crisis in 2008, Bloomberg is very explicit :
The European Central Bank's decision to relax bank funding rules to mirror conditions last seen after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.'s collapse signals hard times for lenders.
"The soup kitchen for impoverished euro-zone banks is re- opening," said Simon Maughan, a strategist at Olivetree Securities Ltd. in London.

Obviously Europe's bankers and Traitor Politicians have panicked; given they have duplicated their actions from that 2008 crisis, which (at the time) represented the most extreme, reckless financial policies ever undertaken by our governments.