Bill Sonneborn

Good morning everyone. I am Bill Sonneborn, CEO of KKR Financial and welcome to KKR Financials' first ever Investor Day, something we should have done many years ago.

Today we're going to focus across all of the spectrums that Henry mentioned. Starting with an overview that I'll provide, we'll move quickly to a macro backdrop where an independent thinker, Henry McVey, who is our Global Head of Asset Allocation and Macro, will provide some insights into what he sees from both proprietary data sources, public data sources and meetings with policymakers that he has on a global basis, then [forums] how we think about capital allocation and a search for the supply and demand imbalances that Henry mentioned.

Following Henry's presentation, we will turn it to Fred Goltz. He is the Global Head of KKR Credit Strategies, responsibility for everything we do in bank loans and high yield that we typically finance through CLO's to more privately originated transactions like mezzanine as well as opportunities in global distress in our special situations strategy.

Following Fred, Marc Lipschultz, he is a Global Head of Energy and Infrastructure. We'll talk about some the supply demand imbalances we found over the course of the past several years in the energy space.

And why that fits in the contacts to the specialty finance model. Following Marc's presentation as we continue in this real asset [theme] combined with our financial asset exposure, Ralph Rosenberg who is our Global Head of Real Estate at the firm. We'll talk about why real estate now.

But we have been patiently thinking about when is the right time following the financial crisis for the best opportunities in commercial real estate? And we think that supply demand imbalances very attractive in investor's favor.

Following a break, Mike McFerran partner in managing KFN will do deep dive into the financial results that we've achieved over the last several years make you understand the simplistic way of what may appeared to be a complex business how to model it to understand the predictability of the cash flows and the returns. As well as provide some summaries on our CLO's strategy going forward. I'll do a closing and then we'll have the whole team upon on the stage to commit any Q&A from the audience.

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