And that means that earning that trust means delivering to all of you at investors at KFN. And another reason that KFN is so important to all of us is we believe that we have created something pretty unique at KFN and the world of specialty finance companies. We are not a franchise business, but rather we are people, the people at KFN who manage these different businesses are also very much the same people, the same investment people at KKR.

We are one and we worked very well together. So we have complete attention at KFN of all the people at KKR. Now the one thing you also have to understand any of you that have come to the KKR Investor Day have to understand one of things we like to talk about a lot is the one firm concept. And that one firm concept is very important and that means that the people that KFN get all of the ideas that we have across a broader ray of products across KKR, not just in the US, not just in Europe, not just in Asia but globally and people help each other, work together and so you are getting that opportunity.

We have over 400 investment professionals around the world and you will be surprised how many ideas actually percolate up from some other part of KKR. It could be an idea that's coming out of Asia that has nothing to do with KFN directly, but they find an idea and the way our compensation system works overall, they are incentivized to bring those ideas to KFN or to anybody else for that matter, but the focus is on how can they help KFN.

We don't believe that there is any other $1.6 billion mid caps specialty finance company with a sourcing engine like we have and it's because of this one firm, it is because of the way we operate in working together. We are focused today at KFN, you are going to hear a lot about this. If on areas of really capital imbalances, supply demand imbalances that take place and that's where we think you find the most important and the most interesting ideas.

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