You're going to hear a lot today about our strategy at KFN. You're going to hear a lot today about our strategy at KFN, you are going to hear about the results and the businesses that we're in, but before you do let me just gave you a couple of reasons why I think that KFN is so important to KKR. First without a doubt, KFN is the public face to KKR and so many of the strategies across our firm, particularly everything that we do is touched on and plays an important role at KFN.

It's a flagship of our capabilities and bank loans high yield, mezzanine special situations, natural resources and commercial real estate and you're going to hear from all the people that are part of KFN and part of KKR that cover these areas you'll hear about those today. And the one thing I also want you not to forget. If you have any doubts about how important it is to George Roberts and to myself and KFN, our name is on the door. And we put our name on the KFN door just as we have it on the KKR door for a reason and that's because we believe in it and we believe that this has an incredible future and a real opportunity to grow and to take advantage of the number of the dislocations in markets.

And as we stress to all employees at KKR, which they are a little lower 900 employees today that we believe that people do business with people that they like and that they trust. Well, there is nothing really any different as far as what working the way we think for KFN. We want you to trust us and the way you are going to trust us is that we're going to give you the best results. And we're going always be straight forward with you, we will tell the good, we will tell with the bad. But we are going to give you the straight results.

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