The other area we’ve been contemplating a different strategy over the last actually two, three years with the CTV our concentrated photovoltaics. So basically a solution based on high efficiency solar cell, we developed that for space power applications combined with the optics to solve and to try to provide the most cost effective solution for a land based solar power applications. As you will probably know that market has been I would say very dynamic in the last couple of years, we feel like try to catch a falling knife, so there’s too much risk, too much exposure and about a month ago we decided to consolidate the entire effort into our joint venture with a Chinese partner and we’ll still maintain a 40% of equity interest and but we would not have any further investment into that area.

So after this two major restructuring along with a tremendous effort to recover from the flood impact in Thailand for our contract manufacturers, we now are pretty excited about they are lined up and in the next presentation we’ll be changing our – the business to line up basically right now we have three operating divisions; space, solar, those are broadband, cable TV and telecom optical components.

Out of this three there are two of them that really are pretty established, stable business and we’re the market leader and the revenue combine this two divisions roughly about $150 million and a gross margin about 28% to 30%, operating margin in a range about 8% to 12%. So we have a great visibility and a lion share in the market in strongest competitive positions in the market place.

Back to this division we called broadband, the other one is called the space solar power. For these two divisions, the business representing about 5% to 10% year-over-year growth. They are cash cows but they are not ready to driving engine for the group. But the driving engine out of our business portfolio, is the telecom optical components and after to carve out of the enterprise optical component that part was really you have two major product lines, one is the ITLA, that the integrated tunable laser assembly and ideally suited for 40 and 100 gigabit even in the future of 400 gigabit coherent transmission system. The other one is a newly introduced a product Tunable XFP for 10 gigabit small form factor (inaudible).

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