This is probably the slide that we get the most discussion on. It's our production growth. It's a big game changer going from one year to the next. It's something as we did our acquisitions late last year, early this year that we had some clean-up work to do; it took a little bit time to get out of the gate. I am extremely pleased to announce that I think we're clicking on all cylinders right now. From the drilling standpoint we've made great improvements in our drilling times. From a completion standpoint, we tried to lay this out to enter the Q2, how were going to achieve these particular numbers, average of something between 17,000 and 21,000 for the year and ex-rate of 27,000.

We currently have one full time completion crew. We are completing on average five to six gross wells, four to five net wells every month. We'll continue to do that through the end of the year with that crew. We'll bring a second crew on here late this month or early next month that will probably have for balance of the year. I'd like to know we're actually not trying to catch up; this is really just kind of the program that we laid out the first of the year as we brought on more rigs. Lot of our three and four well pad drilling is coming to the completion stage. We had some mechanical issues we've talked about in the past. We've got all those wells or most of those wells patched, ready to go. We anticipate having them all completed here by year-end. So we've got a lot of work to do in the next four to five months. We're excited about and I think these numbers that we've laid out to everybody are solid.

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