Currently we’ve got 43% of our portfolio in reefers, 55% in dry containers and a small 2% in generator sets. In terms of the investment highlights of SeaCube, you know, I won't go in to each one of these points, but we look at our portfolio and your investment in SeaCube is having high return, low risk assets, strong market fundamentals, a global container fleet. The growth has been about 8.8% over the last 30 years, significant growth potential. Our balance sheet allows us to continue to invest in containers and these container investments then drive revenue earnings and cash flow growth.

The management team has been together quite a period of time all focused on this business and a very good track record and a customer relationships there are no differentiator when you think about SeaCube.

In terms of the – just a couple of commentaries on the industry background. Obviously container shipping, it is important part of the global economy, $200 billion in annual revenue, the global fleet of containers right now is about 32 million TEUs. The container lessors are important part of that fleet owning about 45%. The trend recently has been to significantly hire as the shipping companies look to companies like SeaCube and Textainer for a significant portion of their acquisition of containers.

So I think we saw last year roughly 65% of all containers came from container leasing companies. This year probably absent Maersk, the largest some that saw the containers there being produced, have been produced by four container leasing companies. So it continues to be at that 65% plus range. Again the 30 years we've had continued growth at 8.8% and right now as we look at the end of this year we are probably at about 33 million TEUs at the end of the year.

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