In totality, there's over 100 years of Stryker experience. If you add up the broader med tech experience of the group, it's closer to 150 years. Reason I'd point that out, it is a seasoned med tech team, and I think that's very important in today's environment, that you understand the management and leadership style that this group brings to the table each and every day.

Our agenda today, you might get a little sick of me because you're going to see me 3 different times, I'm going to cover the overview and I'll drive right into the Neurovascular business because that business reports to me. Kevin will get up, and when Kevin get up here, he'll give a further introduction on his background and talk about our Orthopaedics business. Tim will speak on MedSurg and Spine. For those of you who've participated in the past years, you've heard Tim before and you know the credibility he brings to those businesses. This year, in a new format, we've asked Ramesh to speak on behalf of our International business. He's got one year under his belt evaluating and moving this business. We thought we'd take the opportunity to have him share some of his thoughts both where we are today and what we see in the future. Lonny Carpenter will then speak about our global quality and ops, progress and where we see ourselves going. Again, Lonny is past presenter at this session. I'll then wrap up with a financial overview. And in the interest of I'm sure everybody in the room, we have plenty of time for investor and analyst Q&A. In addition, for those who are here in Mahwah, we do have plant 2 rescheduled, and those we'll meet at the end of the session at the bottom of the stairs.

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