Eitan Gertel

So if you look at our business, obviously our business is divided to Datacom and Telecom and Datacom has been strong and growing for the last many number of quarters and Telecom has been flat for the last six quarters. So we’ve seen – last quarter we reported it was probably the lowest Telecom quarter in while, but also what we reported is we guided for Optic revenue. So we guided for Optic revenue to like $225 million and $240 million. And majority of the Optic is coming from Telecom. So we have seen demand in Telecom improving specifically the demand improvement on the Telecom side come from WSS and Tunable XFP. There are other products that are growing but those two products are substantial improvement.

So we see improvement in the Telecom. I cannot, I am not going to sit here and tell you that there’s a huge demand coming in the second half of the year. We are encouraged that the demand is improving. We’ve seen robustness on the Datacom too. Our Datacom business is obviously changing quarter-over-quarter because overall Datacom is pretty robust in growing but the prior quarter we had 9% quarter-over-quarter, which means this current quarter we had a softer quarter but that’s changing if you integrated across the year you’ll see a continuous growth in our business. So we are encouraged, we are guiding up, it’s a great thing for us, but how big the second half of the year will be, I don’t know exactly how to say …


Is the second half kind of in line with your expectations that you had at mid-year or as the economy issues in Europe is that starting to really have more of an impact than maybe you expected say in the May, June, July timeframe.

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