Swift Energy's Management Presents At 2012 Barclays CEO Energy/Power Conference (Transcript)

Swift Energy Company (SFY)

2012 Barclays CEO Energy/Power Conference Call

September 5, 2012 3:45 pm ET


Bruce H. Vincent – President


Unidentified Analyst

Good afternoon everybody. It’s my pleasure to introduce Bruce Vincent, President of the Swift Energy Company. Without ado, here is Bruce Vincent.

Bruce H. Vincent

Thanks and good afternoon everyone. It’s great to have an opportunity to talk about our company. Appreciate all listening. Before I start, let me remind everyone that some of my comments will include forward-looking statements based on our current assumptions are need to be taken in that line. What I’m going to do is talk to you first kind of give you a strategic overview of the company, focus most of my time really on our core operations and then kind of wrap it up with a quick financial review.

First off, when we talk about our company, it’s important that to see us as a company that’s very balanced, diversified, yet a very focused asset base. Three core areas in South Texas, South Louisiana and Central Louisiana, and we developed a diversified portfolio of lot of low risk project, particularly with regard to the resource plays of the Eagle Ford shale in South Texas and the Olmos low-permeability sandstone. While at the same point in time we have some significant exploration upside.

When it comes to our corporate strategy, we’ve been around for about 33 years and operated with the same strategy for a long time. We’ve always employed to use both drilling activity and acquisition activity to find the lowest cost reserve. We’ve always done that by leading with technology and want to be the best with that in our particular area. And while everyone can say they use horizontal drilling or 3D seismic or hydraulic fracturing, understanding how to use it better and being on the leading edge of those is particularly important, whether its on 3D where we are actually taking multiple data suites together and merging that data together and reprocess it in ways where we are seeing things people haven’t seen before or whether horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing we’ve been doing it for 20 plus years very much on the leading edge of doing that.

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