We have created the backup power space at the residential market side, what we call the home standby generator market. That’s a category we effectively created about 12 years ago. We’re the market leader in that category, and we’ve created significant barriers to entry that I’ll cover here as well.

We have a financial profile that is pretty unique for a company like ours, and you’ll see that demonstrated in some of the financial information we’ll share with you, but in particular, the free cash flow generation of this company, no pun intended is very dramatic, relative to a company of our size, in terms of the percentage of our EBITDA that we convert to free cash flow. So we’ll cover that as well.

I think one of the last highlights too is that, we have strong market product opportunities outside of the U.S., 99% of our revenues today are generated in the U.S. and Canada. So here we have this kind of homegrown story here in the U.S. and the U.S market, but we’ve got an entire world out there that we’ve only began to scratch the surface on. So those four characteristics we believe are significant in terms of how you want to view this as an investment going forward.

Just a little bit about the business, about the company, was founded in 1959 by an engineer, we’re located just west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about 30 minutes west. It was founded as a portable generator manufacturer actually. These are the small gasoline power portable gens that you’d see and they’re very prevalent and typical during widespread outages, people run to Home Depot and Lowe’s to buy these types of products, those are the types of products that the company actually began building back in the late 50s, actually really invented that category as well.

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