So how you make the samples that go into the microscopes, which are shown in the middle here? and then what you do with the data that comes out, so you can get useful information, so that the customer can create value for himself with what we do.

So what’s the investment thesis overall? Technology leadership, workflow that has provided solution to the customer, has led to market share leadership; we are the market share leader in this segment. It’s a secular growth opportunity, I think a couple of very important reasons, we’re diversified geographically, and there is plenty of opportunity in the world, and the world is a big place, and that’s a wonderful thing. And as well as we have diversified market, so we crosscut, and I’ll talk about each of those, a variety of different customers.

And at the same time, we have a strategy to expand our served available market, and to exactly double it by 2015. And in these uncertain economics times, both the diversity of markets, geographies and the fact that we’re going after existing markets; we don’t need markets to grow for us to have the opportunity for FEI to grow. We’ll provide a better mousetrap into new segments and I’ll highlight that.

So I think, we have the opportunity in these times our uncertainty to be more robust. We have been expanding our margins, we got a good track record with that, and we have plans to continue that in the future that comes with better products, better operations; we’ve done some acquisitions, which will improve that as well. And then we’ve had significant cash generation, we started to pay a dividend happened in the last six weeks or so. And we do, do opportunistic buybacks with our cash. So we’re trying to be more efficient with our balance sheet overall.

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