First of which is the well intervention which will become the real driver of the growth of the company going forward and then followed by Robotics. These are the two areas where we feel like we have all the strongest market position, strongest growth potential in the market niches and our greatest opportunity to capitalize.

Starting off with well intervention, you can see this on page six of our presentation. You can look at it in detail if you want later on. It just give you an idea about what we do in a well bore. We are not a service; we are not well service company that would be the likes of (inaudible) Halliburton well. We focus on the deployment of the services down hole, which you are able to do down hole depends on the medium that are you using to get the tools down there either wire line or coiled tubing.

We're actually the only -- we were the first company's offer well intervention from something other than a drill rig. That's why you see the top three vessels on this slide are existing well intervention fleet. The top right one is the first non-rig intervention vessel; its sea well operates in the North Sea. This type of vessel deploys wire line through the open water column through of lubricate ahead on top of the well control system that sits on the well head. You are able to do things down hole that are limited to this wire line.

If you move up the chain a little bit too where you want to deploy coiled tubing into the well, now you are the capability of what you can do is greatly increased. The vessel in the middle is a still a mono haul. So it’s fairly low cost of operating; it does deploy coiled tubing but it does through a restricted diameter riser.

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