So stay colder again if we get our customers providing clean, reliable, safe energy at a reasonable cost will be more effective in terms of obtaining construction regulations all coupled with an investment pipeline, which actually drives our earnings growth.

So starting with stay colder alignment and a couple areas around stay colder alignment, I'm sure you're all aware, we'll very proud of our environment leadership. You can see from an energy supply perspective in terms of the progress we've made since 2005. If we look to 2005, a small grain sliver of the renewables were at 3%. We're at about 10% right now. We have over 4,000 megawatts of wind on our system. Our coal is declining. And by 2015, we expect to be at the 17% level. So we've made significant progress and expect to continue.

We have pretty strong renewables; I would say a high level of renewable portfolio standards. In Colorado as well as Minnesota, they need to be 30% from renewables by 2020. But we think we're well on track to achieve that.

Continuing on the environmental theme, you can see our emissions reductions have been significant since 2005. And we've been trending down. Again, this isn't just the renewables coming onto our system. We've really started early in terms of plant retrofit primarily in Minnesota, which were completed in the later part, between 2005 and 2010, 11 [inaudible].

We also have many more plans. The next biggest area is clean air, clean jobs in Colorado, which we had some legislation passed in 2010. We have our plan. And as I said, we're executing on that.

So moving from the environmental theme, but under stay colder alignment, we have operational excellence. And this is really our reliability metrics in terms of our customers. Again, that clean, safe, reliable energy is very important to our customers. You can see our trend. Since 2007, we have been tracking down. I will just point in terms of Arcadia, over there on the far right hand, in 2011, we did a hiccup. We had some unusual weather in 2011. First in Minnesota in the summer, we had a tornado actually in Minneapolis in the northern part, which just wiped out a several block area. And so of course, service was out. In Colorado, we had early winters storms. In October, we had two of them, so outages with that. But we able to restore service in record time. So from a reliability perspective, we think we are clearly on track.

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