Aircastle CEO Presents At Deutsche Bank 2nd Annual Aircraft Financing & Leasing Conference (Transcript)

Aircastle Limited (AYR)

Deutsche Bank 2nd Annual Aircraft Financing & Leasing Conference

September 5, 2012, 11:30 a.m. ET


Ron Wainshal – CEO


Unidentified Analyst


Unidentified Representative

Ron Wainshal, I think most of you know him as Chief Executive Officer of Aircastle. Aircastle is a public lessor. Ron has a long, illustrious history in the business, including, as you may have gathered, some time in the hat house of [inaudible], so I’m very pleased to have Ron Wainshal here to present today. With that, Ron.

Ron Wainshal

Thanks, Doug. It’s hard to follow Mike, but I’ll give it a shot. I think a lot of you guys know who we are, but I’ll just kind of cover the basics and try to focus on what makes us different. Our portfolio is about 160 aircraft. It’s a large, diversified customer base. As I’ll take you through this briefly, we’ve done a pretty good job servicing this through some interesting times, and the contracted revenue stream is pretty long-term, it’s almost five years.

I think the approach we take is a little different in terms of how we integrate, the extent to which we integrate our capital structure and our investment approach, and we have to do that because we’re a stand-alone leasing company. We don’t have the big [inaudible] standing behind us or a big bank, and that’s been, the financing markets have been one of the most interesting and challenging parts of our business. But with that comes opportunity, particularly for those that have bond market access, and we do, and we also benefit from a good liquidity position. Having said that, we’re taking our time.

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