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Citrix today announced the launch of Citrix Podio for iPad, available for download immediately in the App Store. Completely reimagined for the iPad, the Podio app delivers the best way to automate simple tasks and structure lightweight workflows, with simplicity and mobile efficiency in mind. With tablets becoming standard devices for business productivity and the increasing adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in companies across the world, Podio for iPad brings all the power of the collaborative work platform’s web offering to the iPad’s intuitive interface, connecting people, projects, social and mobile to unlock the exciting potential of seamless anywhere, anytime working.

Supporting the Future of Work

In many teams and small businesses, everyday work gets done using a patchwork of spreadsheets, documents and email; but these tools aren’t built for collaboration or sharing. Standalone applications and services can be used to manage core business processes like CRM, project management, event management or recruiting, but these tools can be rigid, complex and disconnected from the rest of a teams’ work.

Podio connects collaboration and business processes through workspaces and apps – more powerful, collaborative and social alternatives to spreadsheets and email. Podio apps can be found in the Podio App Market and customized for any type of work using the simple drag-and-drop Podio App Builder, a unique tool that enables anyone to create custom apps for their work – whether it’s managing projects, interfacing with clients or partners, planning a conference, coordinating email marketing or receiving customer feedback. No technical skills or IT support is needed to create a Podio app – anyone can set one up in minutes.

Podio for iPad extends the power of Podio’s core features, including workspaces, tasks, activity streams, meetings and calendars. It also makes more than 700 pre-built apps from the Podio App Market available to iPad users.

Customer Adoption

Video production company, 12Stars Media, uses Podio on the iPad to manage the video production process for its clients. From a prospect’s enquiry about 12Star’s services, to the moment they become a customer. “We use Podio to manage our entire video production company, including internal collaboration, project management with our producers and CRM,” said Rocky Walls, CEO of 12Stars Media Production. “The new Podio app for iPad is transforming the way we work while away from the office, making us more responsive, productive and efficient when on location or traveling.”

Learn how Podio for iPad is helping 12Stars Media work the way they want to: Watch the video.

Podio for iPad Features Help You Get Work Done
  • Workspaces: Bring the right team together and collaborate with anyone from anywhere.
  • Podio Apps: Utilize hundreds of free pre-built apps for handling project management, sales leads, product development, recruiting, CRM and more.
  • “DIY” Apps with App Builder: As easily as selecting an app in the Podio App Market, you can use the App Builder on the web to create an app that suits your unique work requirements. Today more than 65,000 apps have been built using the App Builder, representing as many unique ways of getting work done. With Podio for iPad, all your Podio apps are instantly available on your iPad.
  • Tasks: Get the business context on every task and save time. Assign tasks for colleagues, view upcoming deadlines and manage to-dos.
  • Files and Document Management: Access and share content using integrations with every major file-sharing service, including Citrix ShareFile, YouSendIt, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive, Evernote and SugarSync.
  • Social Activity Streams: Do more than just talk. Get progress updates on every part of your work, in real time. Share statuses, files and links in one place.
  • Universal Search: Find anything across your Podio network in seconds.
  • Email Integration: Bridge the gap between your email inbox and your projects with unique email addresses for projects, workspaces and tasks.
  • Calendaring and Meetings: Launch a GoToMeeting session from within Podio and connect your Podio calendar with Outlook Exchange and Google Calendar so you never miss a meeting or deadline.
  • 3 rd Party Integrations: Connect and embed 3 rd party apps to Podio, including : Zendesk, Freshbooks, GoToMeeting, Zapier, Google Apps, Campaign Monitor and more.

Changing the Way They Work

More than 40,000 organizations in 170 countries rely on Podio’s collaborative work platform to achieve efficient ways to work with teams, partners or customers and manage a variety of business processes.
  • For any type of work: Frank Dashti runs Atlas Blue, a swimming pool maintenance company in Kuwait. To coordinate his team in the field, Frank used Podio to create a series of pool maintenance apps to manage service history and appointments as well as his customer database. His pool technicians can now access all their job details, share pool information and updates on the road using the Podio mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. Watch the video here.
  • From anywhere: PJ Quesada manages Filipino food company Ramar Foods and built his customized CRM, inventory management and product marketing apps on Podio. Now his team can access customer sales history, product price lists, promotions and point of sale units all in one place. Using Podio on his iPad, PJ can also now instantly access all the product information he needs when checking Ramar Foods’ stock at supermarkets all over the U.S. Watch the video here.
  • With anyone: Founders Michael Pascoe and Michael Gansel from the Australian IT consultancy Olikka replaced their project management tool, enterprise social network and sales and accounting software with Podio by using workspaces, pre-built apps from the Podio App Market and the Podio App Builder. Olikka also extends Podio to all its clients for project collaboration with external and internal team members. Watch the video here.

For more examples of how companies are using Podio for more efficient and productive work in the office and on the go, visit the Podio blog and read our App Stories.


“Podio for iPad completes our vision of empowering people to work from anywhere, with anyone, on any device, using a tool that perfectly fits the way they want to work,” said Tommy Ahlers, VP of Social Collaboration, Citrix. “Bringing Podio’s all-in-one work platform to the iPad makes it easier and faster to collaborate while on the go with the convenience of a lightweight mobile tablet, but without sacrificing Podio’s functionality or sophistication.”

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