Heckmann said that while investors may have lost confidence in what his company has been doing, he hasn't, which is why he was able to transform Heckmann Corp into the nation's largest provider of water for shale drilling operators, thanks to the acquisition.

The combined company will now operate on a national footprint in all of the country's major shale fields, said Heckmann, providing transportation, treatment and recycling for water used in shale operations. All of the country's major drillers are now customers of Heckmann.

Heckmann explained that while Power Fuels is a larger company than Heckman, both entities wanted to operate on a national level, making the marriage a perfect fit. He said both companies are environmentally responsible and will continue to be careful in doing the right thing for the environment. "There's no magic in what we do," said Heckmann, it only takes hard work and a commitment to do it right.

Cramer congratulated Heckmann on a job well done and on doing right by shareholders with a terrific acquisition and road map for the future.

Avoid Facebook

Shares of Facebook ( FB) are indeed worth something, Cramer told viewers, but probably nowhere near where they trade today. That's why he reiterated that investors need to stay away until everyone who needs to sell the failed initial public offering gets an opportunity to get out.

Cramer said he's not here to blame the company for its IPO disaster, nor to praise its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, for announcing that he won't sell any of his shares for at least 12 months. Instead, Cramer chose to focus on the why behind Facebook's sudden change of fortunes, the transition from a desktop-based Internet to a mobile one.

What's happening in today's Internet is not unlike how the desktop Internet unseated print media as the primary means by which Americans got their news. In the beginning, the lower cost structure of the Web allowed companies like Cramer's TheStreet ( TST) to provide more, better and faster reporting than newspapers could, which drove eyeballs and tons of ad dollars. "It worked for a while," said Cramer, until the print industry moved to a hybrid model with both print and digital distribution.

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