So we are a niche player. We’re focusing on developing technology solutions for the print industry. The overall print industry is over a trillion dollar is indicative decline, but within that there is lot of activities that are still produced in an analog way and that will move towards the digital way of producing printing, and that’s what, yes, I will be focusing on.

We’ve positioned our portfolio on those growth segments, transformative segments within that print industry and we’ve created an ecosystem of hardware, software, ink and maintenance solution if you want to help print professionals migrate toward those high-end, color on-demand type of print activity.

And we’ve transform our business model from 10 years ago being 100% control for multifunction printers into now being a diversified portfolio focusing on production and industrial printers migrating from analog into digital printing.

The market dynamics we’ve been leveraging over the last few years are three-fold. First, there is a lot of printing activities still migrating from black and white printing, high volume printing into the first analog short run color printing activity and as a result, as request a lot faster turnaround more CPU power, software power for print professional to produce those on-demand print material.

Secondly, there is a lot of industrial aspect of printing, like printing on labels, printing on ceramic, that are still very much analog today that are being transform as new digital solution are being introduced. Those are activity of printing as will not be indicative decline if there is no electronic counterpart if you want like in the up its way if I not or like any somebody do casual printing.

And then the third dynamic is that, commercial printers as industries consolidate have an increasing need for our robust software ERP tailored for their print production environment and have adapted software technology to automate their business processes. Those are the three fundamental market dynamics that we’ve been leveraging.

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