How about the Indians? They've done a bang-up job of slowing growth while stoking inflation. Bravo. Much better than Bernanke, no?

And let's deal with the Chinese, those so-called brilliant businessmen. Here you have a command economy, no GOP-Democrat fratricide there. They were supposed to have everything figured out. They have nothing figured out other than they know to dump goods into Europe, and Europe ain't taking them anymore. That's the real cause of their problems. Is their central bank filled with genius? I prefer Lenin's New Economic Policy. Now there was a central banker-cum-dictator who knew how to get the job done with maximum slaughter.

So I say enough of this already. Bernanke's done what he can. This is all on Congress and President Obama. And if you want the world's economy jump-started, I think the German Supreme Court is more important than Bernanke.

Lay off him. That's an order.

Random musings: I am thinking that Facebook ( FB) is really losing out to Twitter in part because of their mobile apps. I like using Twitter more on mobile than on the desktop -- in part, because Facebook's trying to trick you into clicking on ads, which makes it so the younger people will leave in droves. I liked Facebook as long as the migration from desktop to mobile was slow, and I was counting on that. But it turned out to be lightning-like, and that's why the numbers are slowing so badly. Happened on a dime, right around when Peter Thiel put in his sell order. Remember, as I wrote at the end of Confessions of a Street Addict, it is better to be lucky than good. It was dumb luck that caused the sell program to be entered just when the desktop faded and mobile took off, wasn't it? Wasn't it?

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Secrets of Retail Winners

Posted at 8:38 p.m. EDT on Thursday, Aug. 30

The best retailer on Earth reported yesterday, not that anyone cares. I am talking about the amazing numbers from privately held J. Crew (which, actually, have yet to be reported because of some public debt that was sold to finance the buyout). They are breathtaking.

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