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Spirit of America US34 #2-29, (SSN 100% WI)

The fishing operations on the well have been completed and the well is set up for hydraulic fracture stimulation operations. The stimulation plan is to place 57,500 pounds of proppant in the two remaining frac stages within the Permian section of the well.

Defender US33 #2-29H, (SSN 37.5% working interest)

The well was put back on rod pump on August 23 rd after extensive periods of testing and evaluation. Over the last week, the well has produced on average 75 BOPD with the pump jack speed set on a very low setting (4.25 strokes per minute) to help minimize disruptions from gas production. Over the next few months the evaluation will continue and a decision will be made if it is appropriate to increase the pump speed.

The Defender well is the first well in Samson’s Hawk Springs project to benefit from the latest technology providing a better understanding of the reservoir as a result of extensive testing and evaluation.

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