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JPMorgan Chase ( JPM)

Book Value: $50.46

JPM pays the highest dividend of these companies profiled and has a reasonable chance of maintaining that high dividend yield. After the ordeal Jamie Dimon went through, I have to believe risk control is locked down as tight as anyone else's by now. Dimon has also reportedly called the dividend " sacrosanct ."

Analysts appear to agree because well over half of analysts rate JPM a buy. Analysts have placed a reasonable $45.14 price target on JPM. New regulations have increased the headwinds JPM faces, but it all appears priced in.

In fact, Wall Street is pricing JPM growth at zero for the next five or more years. That's OK because a 3.2% yield along with option premium spells profits for investors.

Short sellers agree that JPM is not more likely to fall than rise. Short interest is 1.1%.

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